Wanting to replace worn exterior parts and improve the security of your Land Rover? Or give your Defender a new updated look? Then you have come to the right place! Here at Optimill, we pride ourselves on stocking and CNC precision engineering only the best quality Land Rover upgrades, parts and accessories.

Find all you need to improve the security, look and feel of your Land Rover with our range of exterior parts and upgrades. Whether you need new Defender brake parts, door hinges & handles, bonnet hinges, mirror arms or a reversing camera, our range of parts have been designed and manufactured by Optimill to the highest standards, or specially selected for durability and superior quality.

Check out our full range of interior, security and lifestyle products here at Optimill. We also stock an extensive range of camping equipment, ideal for off-road adventures in your Defender.

Land Rover Defender CNC Precision Exterior Parts, the icon just got better!


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  1. Front Light Plinth (PAIR)
    As low as £45.00 £37.50
  2. Security Front Door Hinges 90
    As low as £315.00 £262.50
  3. Security Front Door Hinges 110
    As low as £625.00 £520.83
  4. Slim Rear Light Plinths (PAIR)
    As low as £45.00 £37.50
  5. Defender Door Hinge Shim Pack
    As low as £7.50 £6.25
  6. Washer Jet Systems - TD5 & TDCi
    As low as £200.00 £166.67
  7. Rear Door Hinges (set of 3)
    As low as £260.00 £216.67
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