Protect your Land Rover Defender

By upgrading security, deterring thieves and even preventing them from driving your Defender off altogether.

Here at Optimill, we understand your passion for the Defender and how it would feel if it went missing from your driveway. So we have solved this problem by manufacturing a range of innovative products specially developed to keep your pride and joy safe.

From the Quick Release Steering Boss and Swivel Lock Covers to the  Security Door Hinges and Security Door Handles, all designed for ultimate security for your Land Rover Defender.

Defend your Defender with Optimill Security Products!

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  1. Quick Release Steering Wheel Boss for Momo Wheel
    As low as £165.00 £137.50
  2. Quick Release Steering Wheel Boss for Startech Wheel
    As low as £165.00 £137.50
  3. Quick Release Steering Wheel Boss - Moto-Lita
    As low as £200.00 £166.67
  4. Security Front Door Hinges 90
    As low as £315.00 £262.50
  5. Security Front Door Hinges 110
    As low as £625.00 £520.83
  6. Rear Door Hinges (set of 3)
    As low as £260.00 £216.67
  7. Security Bonnet Hinges - Defender (Pair)
    As low as £120.00 £100.00
  8. Exterior Door Handle Keyed Alike (Pair)
    As low as £356.00 £296.67
  9. Exterior Door Handle
    As low as £147.00 £122.50
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